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Flock Development & Research has been developing applicator products for the paint and stain industry for over 35 years. We have worked with many of the world’s leading paint brush, roller and paint manufacturers, helping them to improve applicators and launch new products to market more quickly and more effectively.

Changes to regulations in the paint and stain industry have driven many of our innovations. The European ban of solvent-based paints several years ago led to our rollers becoming industry standard to work with the new water-based paints. More recently, we have been working closely with manufacturers to manage the new regulations for Volatile Organic Compound paints. The new paints dry very quickly and standard rollers and brushes were leaving unacceptable marks. Flock paint pads, renowned for their quick application, work well with the new paints.

The speed of application has also attracted the attention of the staining industry, particularly in the USA, where decking is a growth market.

Flock Development produce a large range of paint and stain applicators. Take a look at some of our other products.

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