Flock Development & Research was founded by an English inventor in 1973 to commercialise Electrostatic Flocking technology by applying it to the field of paint application.

The company achieved notable success particularly through TV sales in the USA and was sold to Bissell to diversify the range or products and maximise the opportunity. The current two directors bought Flock Development & Research from Bissell 25 years ago to launch many of the new products it had developed but never brought to market.

The company policy is to work with existing paint brush and roller manufacturers and paint manufacturers rather than direct to retail. Again the main thrust came from TV sales in the USA which also did well when brought into Europe.

The directors continued to invest in state of the art technology to improve production efficiency and routes to market. Flock Development found themselves in an excellent position to maximise market share when a ban on solvent-based paints was introduced in Europe. The industry was struggling to market the new water-based paints that were impossible to apply with a regular roller and brush. Flock rollers worked perfectly and became an industry standard in Europe. This led to exponential growth in Flock products all over the world.

The company has continued to grow and succeed because of its approach to quality and innovation and its outstanding industry knowledge. Many companies now approach Flock Development directly to help them improve paint and varnish application or to bring new products to market.

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