Cut In & Edge Easi-Flow Pad System

Flock Development & Research are the worlds leading manufacturer of Pad Painting Systems worldwide. The new Easi-Flow system has been designed with a global market in mind.

We at Flock who have many years of experience know that not all paint manufactured around the world are the same. Many things have to be taken into account, the environment, weather conditions and government legislation etc.

We also understand the end-user needs for Applicators that are designed for a specific application and applicator that performs on different surfaces, rough and smooth and in different conditions, i.e. indoors, outdoors. With this new range we have taken all these things into account.

The only thing that is constant and global when painting with all paints, stain, wood treatments, etc is the need to cut-in and edge whether painting around door frames, skirting board (base), staircase, ceiling or a garage door to your garden fence or furnishings.

The new Easi-Flow system has been designed with two curved sides that can edge. Also at the front of the pad there is a locking position in which you can lock the handle in place using it as a guide to cut in and edge with. If you use the back locking position on the handle you can get to difficult to reach areas, i.e. behind radiators, toilets etc.

All sizes of pads have this function and shape. The handle has 2 locking positions for ceilings and floor but can also be used unlocked for free flow painting. The handle can take a push fit or a screw thread extension pole.

We have also made the packaging retailer and end-user friendly by colour coding the applicator to suit the paints, i.e. green or brown applicator for wood care, blue applicator for water based paint etc.

This system can be used anywhere and everywhere.

NB Has been tested and approved by LGA GmbH (US equivalent is UL).